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Are you traveling to Central Florida in the near future? Do you love getting in the outdoors? We have the perfect outdoor activity for you and the whole family. Bring your loved ones along for an inshore fishing charter in Central Florida with our local experts. You can catch a variety of species and everyone can have fun. Enjoy a February Central Florida Inshore Fishing Charter on your next visit to the sunshine state!

Several locations in Central Florida have been extremely productive. Port Canaveral, FL is an absolutely breathtaking destination known for many things including its inshore fishing. Cape Canaveral Bay is a vast are that harbors excellent fishing all year long. Whether you want to fish the flats, bridges, or jetties, to make it happen.

Cape Canaveral, FL is another prime location for inshore fishing here in Central Florida. The inshore fishing is fantastic for a wide variety of fishing depending on the style you enjoy. Stroll down the beach or shorelines and catch numbers of fish. Hold on cause the fight can be strong.

Each location will give you a unique experience of what Florida Inshore Fishing is all about. Every opportunity you get to explore these wonderful areas should be taken advantage of. Our local expert and Professional Captain Al has you covered when it comes to fishing these destinations.

Here is an Central Florida Inshore Fishing Update:

February South Florida Inshore Fishing

It continues to impress

Captain Al had the pleasure of fishing with Le’Raven Clark and his wife Kristen. Le’Raven is a football player for the Indianapolis Colts. They were traveling to Miami, FL from Texas looking for some vacation time. While doing so, Cape Canaveral Inshore Fishing appealed to their outdoor interest. The backwater and bay fishing suited all their needs and is one amazing place to experience. 

Le’Raven and Kristen had a fantastic time on the water with Captain Al. One amazing thing about Cape is that you can catch a wide variety of species. They caught numbers of speckled sea trout on the grass flats casting Berkley Gulp shrimp. After catching them up, they moved over to the bridges and structure. It open a whole new door of species including numbers of Mangrove Snapper and Triggerfish.

Some days of fishing you will never forget. Captain Al stated that this morning fishing trip was one that he or they will never forget. It was a fantastic experience for all parties.

Captain Al is looking forward to the next opportunity to do this again!

February South Florida Inshore Fishing 3

It was not long after this fishing trip that Captain Al adventured further north to Cape Canaveral, FL. He had the pleasure of fishing with Alan and his friends, Tim and Dave. They were traveling from Michigan looking to explore what Central Florida had to offer.

Cape Prevail again!

The Cape Canaveral Canals came in strong for these friends. They had 4 big fish on that broke off before they could get them to the boat. One of the unfortunate parts about Florida Inshore Fishing is that sometimes you lose the fish you are after. Alan fought and caught a monster jack crevalle weighing close to 15 pounds. Jacks are a great fish to catch as they fight very hard and long.

Alan and his friends had a great experience here in Central Florida while inshore fishing. They will be back for more action. Captain Al is looking forward to their next adventure in the near future!

February South Florida Inshore Fishing 2

Shortly after this awesome fishing trip, Captain Al was back down in Cape Bay. This time, he had the pleasure of fishing with Ben and his mom, Randy. The action was not as strong as the last trip here in Cape Canaveral but they had a great time. Fishing is not always about catching but about soaking in the sun and bonding with your loved ones. 

Ben caught all the fish on this fishing trip. He landed a good looking quality Sea Trout along with a bonnethead shark. The Cape offers many species and every time you cast your line out, you never know what will bite the end of your line.

Randy really enjoyed her time with her son in the Cape. They will be back for more action in the near future! Captain Al is looking forward to their next adventure!

Cape Canaveral, FL is a beautiful place to explore. You have endless options especially when you want to get in the outdoors. Inshore Fishing is one of the best ways to get a great view of the city. Whether you want a good fight or a fresh meal for the night, we have you covered here with our local experts. We look forward to assisting you on a fishing adventure of a lifetime right here in sunny Central Florida!!

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