Offshore Trolling for the Big Fish-Using Live Bait

Offshore Trolling for the Big Fish-Using Live Bait :

Offshore trolling is a method of fishing that employs a boat that drags the trolling lure with bait around the waters. This boat uses a small and quiet outboard motor that slowly moves the boat to let it pull the bait around. This ensures that you get to cover a large area of water and can attract a number of fish species who happen to be nearby.

When doing offshore trolling, it is best to understand that different areas of the sea offer different species of fish and that no two areas would have the same species and number of fish. Thus, you can do a little research to determine what species you will most likely encounter in the waters that you are going to fish in. Of course, not knowing what lies ahead can also make fishing more exciting but learning what species you are hunting ensures that you get to choose the right bait or lure to use.

Targets while offshore fishing

Offshore trolling often targets the following fish species: king mackerel, amberjack, barracuda, yellow fin tuna, dolphin, marlins, flounder and sailfish. These different fishes can be lured with different baits so make sure to bring a varied supply of live bait for your expedition. Hook the live bait and cast it into the water. Then, allow the boat to slowly move forward, dragging the bait along. Using a fishing lead core line can bring the bait down deep to where you need it to go while ensuring that it will follow the boat more closely.

Although varying boat speed helps, most anglers prefer treading the waters slowly so as not to scare the fish away. When the fish bites, reel it in quickly. It will try to escape but pulling fast also shocks the fish and helps hamper its escape.

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