What Kind of Bait Do You Use to Catch SNAPPER in Cape Canaveral?

What Kind of Bait Do You Use to Catch SNAPPER?

Use to Catch SNAPPERThe Snapper, particularly Red Snapper, is one of the most prized fish to catch in Cape Canaveral while Deep Sea Fishing. Not only is it known for its tasty meat but also for its display of strength in the fishing sports world. It thrives in abundance in the Cape Canaveral due to the favorable warmer climate and rich marine life in the area.

They key to successful Snapper Fishing in the Atlantic Ocean is a wide variety of bait. Remember that just like any game fish, Snappers are very discerning creatures, that one bait may not necessarily be effective the next time.

Of course, you can choose between artificial and live bait. It is observed, however, that Snappers take artificial baits with less vigor compared to natural bait. That is why, when choosing artificial lures, always bring along different kinds and sizes since Snappers to have a range of choices.

Although artificial baits nowadays may have the best in technological advancement, it doesn’t mean that live bait won’t do anymore. In fact, Tarpons respond the most to live baits. Snappers can eat absolutely almost anything although they have developed a preference for small fishes such as sardines and cigar minnow, and crustaceans. In fact, the Red Snapper derives its reddish tint from its diet of mostly shrimps.

In Cape Canaveral, Snappers can be caught in waters as deep as 30 feet to 300 feet. They tend to cluster at the bottom of the ocean and prefer rocky reefs, ridges and ledges, and artificial refuges such as shipwrecks and oil rigs. Make sure you observe the FWC regulations!

What Kind of Bait Do You Use? to Catch SNAPPER in the Gulf of Mexico.

Another Successful Trip with Happy Customers

Happy Customers!

Another Successful Trip with Happy CustomersAnother successful trip with happy customers.  Matt and his son had a blast for 2 days. The father is currently leading, catching the biggest blackfin tuna between them. But I don’t think the battle is over.  I would bet it is going to last a long time with all the categories of fish they will catch together.

On June 15th and 16th we had the pleasure of taking out the father (Matt) and son (young Matt) fishing duo for a couple of great trips. The two wanted to do a mixture of bottom fishing and trolling. The first day we focused on red snapper and king mackerel.  While the second day we targeted red snapper, with the initial plan of adding amberjack in the mix. However, mother nature sometimes changes the plans for the second trip and we shifted our focus on triggerfish, instead of amberjack.

Youth kicks in?

Young Matt caught his very first king mackerel on Friday and had a blast catching it. He easily caught his share of red snapper as well that day.  On Saturday, he started us out with a bonus and his first 20 pound Blackfin Tuna.  This fish gave him a fight, but was no match for Matt.  Matt later earned the nickname of Trigger-Matt for catching over 10 keeper triggerfish.

Cape Canaveral fishing chartersMatt was just as energetic as his son and caught his share of red snappers and king mackerel.  His claim to fame moment came on Saturday while his son was winding in the tuna.  We quickly threw out a second bait and Doc was hooked up. The fish fought hard and seemed to be bigger than the one his son was winding in. After, what seemed to be a long battle for Doc, we boated a 25.4 pound Blackfin Tuna.  This fish was weighed back at the marina and is currently leading for the local Charter Boat pot for Blackfin Tuna division. He later caught a number of nice red snapper and a red grouper.

We can’t wait to take these two fishing fanatics out again. They never slowed down on their fishing, even when the sea conditions were rough Saturday morning.  These two definitely caught enough fish to eat a few meals with plenty of family members.

Thank you again for being should great customers.

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